This Mistake Is Costing Homeowners...

Why You Need A Complimentary

Annual Property Tax Savings Inspection™

From Red Table Real Estate

Did you know that your property tax values get raised anywhere from 2%-10% a year automatically?

What most homeowners don't know is that often property tax values can be appealed!

As a completely free service to our clients we offer an

Annual Property Tax Savings Inspection™ (also known as an APTSI™) to make sure that you never overpay on your property taxes again!

We're experts in local real estate values, and we're also Certified Property Tax Savers™ with the American Property Tax Savers Association (APTSA).

Just sign up below and each year we'll audit your property taxes at no cost to you.

If we think you're being overtaxed, we'll notify you. From there, you can file the appeal yourself. Or as an additional service, we'll file on your behalf to make sure you never pay more than you need to.

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